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Sony with reasonably good results of their imaging unit
While the volume went from the 2.2mio to 1.6mio (all cameras), the revenue just shrank by 3% illustrating the move to higher priced models. Consequently the profits rose by 25% to $216m.



Is it really so hard to design a good camera? Sony and others could make huge profits if they put great products on
shelves. I am sick and tired waiting for a perfect camera. Bought GX7 and I am relatively happy.
You can be sure if there was an easy way to make massive profits, they would all be doing it already. A big problem with "perfect" cameras will be that everyone will have a different idea of what that is. Also there will always be the next technology around the corner you can wait forever to get. Recognise what is good enough and get some nice photos with what's available.


Back to Sony specifically, it does open the question, are they going to cut back on the low end and keep moving upwards? I guess we kinda saw that with the A7 rush there's a good amount of choice there, but how much are they going to put under it? Now I think about it, the number of APS-C bodies seem to have slowed down a lot.

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