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Would a Canon 6D mark II be on its way?
Good day to all of you,


Just wandering after I read some rumors on the internet about the upcoming 6d II. But I wonder, first of all is the market big enough for a new 6D and second is there a new camera coming soon?


And in general: the last couple of years we have seen the arrival of so many new camera models. But I wonder isn't the market saturated with too many models.


What do you think?


Kind regards,


A 6D mark II should be coming.  It has done very well in the consumer marketplace, so its model still has a purpose.  The xxD line is the most stressed product segment, with the Txi line getting closer and closer to  "the same" each year, and the 7D line placing a firm cap on the xxD line. 


I do not think Canon's lineup is overcrowded.  I do think they fairly consistently have the most consistent products of any manufacture.  In absolute terms they make the most consistent lens model I have ever tested, out of 87 tested models totalling over 600 copies.

There is not 6D mk II to be expected very soon, at least I expect the 5D mk IV to surface first (and a 200D/SL2). But of course, a 6D mk II will come within a year.


The market for FF DSLRs is pretty big, and Canon is the biggest player.

Hi Guys,


Still I see a lot of people who used to have a consumer Dslr now use their mobile phone. Most people don't print anyways and show their pictures (if they already do, because most pictures never see daylight again after they've been taken) and hence don't need the Dslr quality anymore. So, I thought the mobile curse would affect the consumer Dslr market as well.


I say curse, because I hate mobile phones, but that's another discussion.


I sold my Eos 5D I, so I am just wondering what I do next. I now use a Canon G1 x (second hand) in the meantime.


Kind regards,


Personally I do feel Canon make more DSLR bodies than they really need to at the moment, but the 6D space isn't one of them. There needs to be a lower cost full frame option than the 5D series. As consumers, we want as much as we can, for as little cost as possible. For now, there are limits to what you can do with image quality and it is hard to replace bigger sensors when they are really needed.


As for smartphones... let me put it this way. I believe in having a good enough tool for the job. If a smartphone is good enough, use it. I think we recognise it can't do everything and will have limits. We all need to decide what will be good enough for our needs, at a price we're willing to pay.

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