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Sony E-mount mid range zooms
I bought the Sony a6000 camera and the 35mm 1.8 lens.  Very happy with both.  Now I would like to get a mid range zoom for a walk around lens but non that I have reviewed do well.  I almost settled on the 18-55 oss lens but it seems the better reviews for that lens depended on a lower mega pixel camera than the a6000.

Any recommendations appreciated.

I think you hit the problem of the systems ... :-) 


You have 4-6 options depending on how you look at it.

From my perspective the Sony 16-50 and Zeiss 16-70 are sub-standard and shouldn't be considered seriously .

The 18-55mm OS isn't terrible but it certainly requires that all auto-corrections are active.

We haven't tested the 18-105 G yet but it seems to be better than the 16-70 at least. Auto-corrections are also strictly required here (massive distortions at 105mm).

And then you got the three 18-200mm lenses. They aren't so bad in the lower range I'd say.

I would probably prefer the Tamron 18-200mm VC based on what I have seen out there. The corners seem to be soft at 200mm but otherwise it's quite good it seems.


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