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Capture One Pro 10.2: major issue with automatic lens distortion?
Hey all,


I recently switched from Lightroom (LR) to Capture One 10.2 (C1). I'm still very new to the software.

All in all I'm very happy with the move except for one thing: automatic correction of barrel distortion.

I noticed that C1 doesn't seem to properly correct images for barrel distortion. Indeed, images from C1 differ in framing/distortion from the ones out of camera (OOC) and Lightroom. With LR, I get exactly the same as with OOC jpegs.  Here is an example of an image shot with the Fuji 18-55 lens at 18mm that illustrates the problem:
As you can see, there is a big difference in terms of distortion control between the OOC jpeg and the C1 versions. No matter what setting I use for distortion in C1, I can't get the same output as with the OOC jpeg. It is very disappointing and annoying. I should be able to see the exact same non-deformed image!

I noticed the same behavior with images shot with my 10-24 which now gives me more a 11-12mm FOV at 10mm because of this issue. That's just unacceptable.

With the 35mm f1.4 and the 14mm f2.8 everything is fine because these two lenses are already almost free of distortion.


Is anyone experiencing the same issue with Capture One Pro 10.2?


If so, is there any way to fix it and get the exact same framing as with OOC jpegs?


Thank you for your help.


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Which OS? C1 10.2 has some issues with Mac OS High Sierra.


I don't have the 10-24. The 12mm Zeiss has a separate correction table while others show "generic" as lens profile, which usually is very good - although I had to apply it. Need to look into it this evening but lately I haven't done much with Fuji.


I thought I read somewhere, although it says generic, C1 applies lens corrections and has Fuji profiles. But I can't say for sure what happens.

On Windows 7.

It's very noticeable with the 18-55 and 10-24 which have "high" native distortions.

I suspect any lens with high native distortion would do, like your 35mm f2.

According to C1's interface, it's using the manufacturer's distortion correction. But from my tests it's not the case... and if I tell it to apply 100% distortion correction, it doesn't produce the right output.

Do you think you could try it with your 35mm f2 with 0% and 100% correction and compare it to the OOC jpeg output?

Thanks a lot Joju :-)


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Sure, in one or two hours.


Haven't paid attention to that correction thing. Mostly because the only lens whoch is listed was that Zeiss and some Nikkors (need to check if there's as well a correction table for the 14-24/2.8, that would be something in the region of the 10-24 Fuji.


So, the question is, is the correcton expanding the corners of the barrel to a rectangle or is it compressing the curves down to lines (squeezing the barrel)? In the first case you'd keep the angles horizontally and the app would try to interpolate pixels to fill the corners. I always imagine that as "lying new pixels into the picture", but that's a bit exaggerated.

Actually I found out what the issue was.

When enabling barrel distortion correction, C1 additionally crops the image a little bit.

So, if after applying barrel distortion correction, use the crop tool to "expand" the crop area to the maximum (and centering it), I get the same as OOC jpegs and LR.

It's very tricky.

I guess they want to leave the choice of the area to keep to the user, whereas LR and OOC jpeg center the crop automatically.


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You are very generous to the makers of C1. It might be they want to leave the choice to the user, but in my experience they sometimes just don't finish their way of through thinking.


No doubt, C1 gets the best out of a given RAW, but too often I think "Good Loooord, does it really have to be that complicate?" Nothing wrong with simple and elegant... in some sliders I still smell the sweat and tears of the programmers.  Big Grin

Yeah I guess. Maybe that's got to do I'm a coder myself ;-) lol


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I'd expect you to sniff the season it was coded in.



Yesterday evening I was working on some pictures and to my surprise found that Phase One added nearly all Sigma Art lenses to the lens profiles. Great. As the whole development part of that app is, it's only the management part whch makes me still unhappy.


Phase One is currently working on C1 11, the beta is already available for testers. A bit weird, there were just two major updates 10.1, 10.2 and these didn't bring many new functions. One of the main changes of 11 will be a different way to deal with layers.


As I was struggling last week with some library issues I would have preferred they worked on better DAM.


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