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Free software DXO Optic 8.5 elite offered!

   This software is available to download for free!


This  slightly dated version which has now now been superseded by version 9 and 10  is offered complete with activation code for "one" more day, so be quick!








Sorry for the double post, as you can see the first had a site glitch!               Klaus!

Hmmh, the recent reshuffle of the topics introduced some instability it seems. No idea what happened ...

Thanks for the hint, dave's cliché©s, nice to have this one onboard although it's still (only) a (pretty good) raw converter with no picture managing capabilities.


It has still great perspective correction capabilities. Anyone knows how EXIF metadata could show up?

  Your welcome Jolu,

                                   To be quite honest I've only had a brief try, the good news is it does RAW conversions for my Nikon D7100 and the Pentax K01/K5,  but not the K3, it came a little after and requires a later version.


But for free who's complaining!


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