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Samples images Zeiss 16-70mm (probably defective)


The blur is slightly more pronounced on the left but the right side is pretty terrible as well.

FWIW. I 'm going for decentered, The right hand side doesn't look so bad to me (at original size), as does the lower left, the medium/upper left OTOH  looks the softest part of the image. Form your description I was expecting much worse, but at a "grand a pop" one expects better!

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While I agree regarding a certain degree of decentering, the (right side) corner results shouldn't be that soft across the range.

Not at f/8 for sure. Oh well ....

Oh right, F8! I was looking to find a reference to the aperture, maybe I don't know where to look, as you say not what you expect at F8 with a Zeiss name on it., so the Zeiss badge is not enough you have to have Otus written after it these days! 

My guess is all the perfectly centered lenses have gone to heaven, perhaps if I start saying my prayers I'll get to benefit from them in the end! .


I'm looking forward to posting an " Angels in flight series"

Dave's clichés
Definitely not what you'd expect from a lens in this price-range. That being said, this woman in image no. 11 does have some impressive abs  :blink:  Big Grin

It looks definitely worse than my copy, even though I can't compare at 24mp.


Well, since we're discussing about this lens, it might make sense to quote one of the latest rumors from


Very rumour, anyway they are talking about a new edition of the SEL1670Z (weather sealed, but with also different size, so it would be a redesign). Perhaps they are addressing some faults.


In any case, the past year told me (not only for the SEL1670Z, and not only for the things that have been said here) that the Zeiss blue badge doesn't live up to the expectations.


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I think the summary could be - great primes but Zeiss can't do zoom lenses.

Well they can - 35-70 and 28-85 were fantastic lenses; probably out performs this lens by a wide margin and were desgined/produced over 25 years ago. Also the zoom for contax N was pretty decent (many folks converted it to EOS). No clue what is happening here.

Quote:I think the summary could be - great primes but Zeiss can't do zoom lenses.
Here's what Kurt Munger had to say about this lens:

Got a reply from Sony. 

Lens is according to specs.


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