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WT-5 alternative Wi-Fi solution for Nikon D4?
Is there an useable alterantive for the WT-5 for Nikon D4 cameras? The $700 price tag is to high for me.

I have found a few solutions but either they are not reliable or they require a third party wireless.

Is there cheaper solution so I can control a D4 remotely?

I just got the TP-Link MR3040 modem (40€) plus the qdslrdashboard app (10€) to use with my D800. It took me a bit of time but I finally got it up and running. It's not as easy as it seems on the video. Maybe it's because I'm still running Windows XP.


On my iPad 1 the performance is not great but at least there is now a cheap solution for Nikon cameras as well as iOS devices. The features are quite impressive. If you are an Android user you can get the app for free.


You can watch the video on the entire setup procedure here:


Seriously smart guy who's teamed up with another smart cookie who developed LRtimelapse.


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