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Zoom Lens: More vignetting in tele than in wide angle
Hi everybody,


I am a proud owner of the Tamron 24-70 VC which I use on the Canon EOS 6d.


During developing of my Holiday photos, I have discovered that some of the photos Show significant shadows in the Corners / vignetting, but mostly in the right side of the picture.


All those photos had in common that they had a rather small aperture (6.3-9) and were shot towards the tele end of this lens (60-70mm).


My - and probably everybody's - first guess would be a badly fitting Hood or a UV Filter... but the Problem isnt solved by removing those.


Wide angle photos, even with bigger apertures, look fine and don't show asymmetrical vignetting.


What could be the reason? Do i have a decentered lens? Can it be caused by the Image Stabilisation?


And why is it worse in Tele than in Wide Angle?


Unfortunately the weather is so bad here that I don't have the sky and light conditions to try to reproduce the Situation until now..


Looking Forward to your Input Smile



a Picture says more than a thousand words Wink

Well, that does not look as "bad" as you described, and yes, it can have to do with the IS pulling the IS element to a side. Try without IS to see if there is a difference.

thx, i will, and then i will come back to you Smile



I think it's not a decentered lens, here are photos that i shot consecutively with activated VC.. note the Bird.


It seems to be affected by a "nervous" image stabilizer plus the angle of the sun: (Sun from the back left --> more vignetting on the right side and vice versa)


No VC, no hood, no filter and sun directly from the back didn't lead to any photos with this problem.


So I think it is not an optical problem and rest my case. Thanks for listening anyway!


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