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next PZ lens test report: Canon EF 16-35mm f/4 USM L IS
Pretty good ...

I had a dream today that I was present while you and Markus were reviewing the EF 1200mm f/5.6 L lens. That, of course, will hardly ever come true - if only because you don't seem to do lenses above 400-500mm - but I'm glad that at least I got one part right: that a review was coming today (speaking of which... it's not on the main page; I only stumbled upon it while browsing the forum). Thanks for the review; I might want to replace my 16-35/2.8 with this lens sometime, as a string of positive impressions has been trickling in.

I have to admit that I am tempted to test the 200-400L IS. :-) And maybe the 300/2.8L IS II.


I was a little sick during the last few days. I actually thought that I had entered the review on the front page. Maybe I entered a wrong date ... or I'm just getting old.  Rolleyes

Hum. How come we never hear about canon centering issues Sad
I have seen numerous centering issues in the past ...

Will we get sample images  from this lens?  Please Smile

Depends on the weather this weekend.

Quote:Hum. How come we never hear about canon centering issues Sad
The 24-70/2.8L was so bad in this regard that Klaus dubbed it his nemesis. That was back in the days of yore (check out the first APS-C review).
Added sample images.

Yep, indeed nice central sharpness wide open... The Citroen van shot shows enough colour moire. Definitely a lens to get in future if/when I want/need a sturdy good UWA zoom on my 6D.


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