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discovering DXO
As I just came back to photography I am testing trial versions of software to see which one to keep.

First impressions about DXO:

It has some unique features: noise reduction works nicely, its lighting correction works great, it can even automatically adjust underexposed/overexposed pictures (with a few errors though)

Lens corrections are great.

It is extremely slow when it comes to viewing/processing.

I am trying to get familiar with its interface however till now I am still discovering it, more to come

The more I understand DXO, the more I am positively impressed. In comparison silkypix that was once my preferred RAW converter seems way outdated. I noticed that with it,  I rarely need photoshop

One major dawback is its speed, extremely slow and extremely time demanding.

OTOH Canon  DPP  doesn't seem way behind. it has the same lens correction capabilities it is by far faster, its interface is more familiar the end results are merely the same as DXO.... I am still exploring


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