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next PZ lens test report: Sigma AF 35mm f/1.4 HSM DG | A ("Art")
As expected ... excellent except some vignetting at f/1.4 and average bokeh



Is this the rear lens cap of Sigma or Canon? Mine of the Nikon version looks totally different. And is so much an improvement that I exchanged all genuine Nikon caps against the Sigmas. The genuine ones are a sample for solid products with not much love for the details.

It's a Canon cap. I was too lazy here admittedly.

I'm surprised it's not a 5* lens, or at least a 4,5*. Wonder why their 50/1.4 was so piss poor around borders and corners, this one is nothing alike.


By the way, when I'm typing '' in my browser's address bar, one of the variants it suggests is ' sigma 35 1.4' though I never did a search like this - I know how to use Photozone, thank you! But if it's Google's way of showing most popular matches, it might imply how desired was the review of this lens (that is to allay your doubts about needing to review it).

Thanks for the review! cracking lens!


Any thoughts on why there is a comparitive difference wide open between the Nikon and Canon tests? The Nikon has more even quality across the field but lower centre resolution Vs the Canon.

As such, the Review of the Sig 35/1.4 doesn't

disclose any new insight into the performance

of this nice lens. Nevertheless, thanks for the

effort put into it.





PS: A pity, this lens didn't make it on the GrOcRd trip.


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