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Sony NEX6 Firmware 1.02 Update And My Menu Customizations
Sony release Firmware 1.02 to NEX6:


This link above is to Windows 7 64 bit Operating System. Select your appropriate platform.


I had just update the firmware of my Sony NEX6 minutes ago. I was affraid that this upgrade can remove my customizations of buttons and menu options, but It is not reseted. Thank You Sony !!!


Then, I like to share my own menu customizations with community this forum, may be somebody can use the same options to easy handle this wonderful camera:


Because Sony does not put AUTO ISO in MANUAL mode yet (Why not is a mistery), I decide to use NEX6 in S (shutter priority) mode. In S mode AUTO ISO is avaliable. I prefer to use MANUAL mode always on my Nikon DSLRs because I can user AUTO ISO when I want. In NEX6 is not avaliable. Perhaps if we send several emails to Sony support, someday they can release a firmware with this option. For now my configurations on NEX6 are:


CAMERA MODE:  Shutter Priority (I can control obturation speed, aperture is controled by camera) I don't use SEL1650, I prefer SEL1855 unsted.

Shutter Speed most used: 1/60 to 1/100



Function Menu Setting 1: Autofocus Area  (option most used: Flexible Spot)

Function Menu Setting 2: AF MODE         (option most used: Single-Shot AF[AF-S])

Function Menu Setting 3: ISO             (ISO AUTO)

Function Menu Setting 4: Metering Mode   (Multi)

Function Menu Setting 5: White Balance   (Auto WB [AWB])

Function Menu Setting 6: Picture Quality (RAW)

AEL Button:

Smile Shutter (OFF)

Flexible Spot Point AutoFocus

I buy NEX6 because I want a camera that I take most the time with me, and a DSLR sometimes is not a better choice. DSLRs are big, heavy and intrusive. People have fear of DSLRs if You are shooting with him. I seach by a discrete mirrorless that have good photo quality with features that alow customizations, focus speed and acuracity. The NEX6 with phase detection + 10 fps mode + standard hot shoe flash connection + Eletronic ViewFinder is the natural choice. Its the most complete mirrorless camera today. This configurations allow fast switch to continuous shutting mode. I need only to press Fn Button and select AF-C mode. If I need to shoot continuous drive mode, I press the Drive Mode on Control Wheel and I select Continuous Shooting (or the Speed Priority Cont. to 10 frames in a second even in RAW quality).

Somebody can ask me why to put ISO setting on Function menu Setting 3 if I already have a dedicated button on Control Wheel to change this. I agree, but I set Function Button with my

most frequent used settings that I can change When I shooting.


First of all I need to change focus area, second I often change the focus mode, ISO I dont change too much because I use AUTO ISO, but sometimes I need to connect a external flash on Hot Shoe. This external flash works in manual mode only, it is not a TTL flash. Then I need to manually set ISO sensitivity and I put ISO configuration near to most used. NEX6 does not allow to put any option, just a few in a shot list that it display on menu. May be in a future Firmwares we have more menu itens to select.


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