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Upcoming Canon Tests
Canon EF 35mm f/2 USM IS

Sigma 35mm /1.4 A

Nice Smile

some time I shoudl just shut up.

Super nice Smile.


These two are the ones that I'm mostly interested in at this time.

I will also test the Zeiss 35/1.4 but I reckon it'll be August for this one.

I am particularly interested to see how that small but expensive Canon performs, the Sigma is no secret anymore. The Zeiss will be nice to see tested, but I already know it can't beat the Sigma for sharpness. Might want hat Zeiss in a distant future, though, for the way it renders..

The zeiss is APO ?
Quote:The zeiss is APO ?
No, why do you ask?
I just got the message that the 35/2 USM IS is heavily back-ordered.

Bleh must be the 135 that is apo; purple fringing is distracting.

Quote:No, why do you ask?

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