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EOS 70D specs

I saw that image first on canonrumors although the image is now gone from there. Make of that what you like... also CR have now also given it their CR3 rating, which is their highest level.

20MP - finally a change from the 18MP sensor and variations we've had for... how many years? But have they made a big jump to catch up with everyone else in DR? Or is it more of the same? If it has similar wifi tricks as the 6D, this might tempt me.

Less exciting to me is the on-sensor AF, except when it makes its way to the EOS M that system should start to get much more interesting.

Random: you would have thought someone could white balance the image a bit before they posted it!
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7Fps, 19 AF-points, digic 5,...

a 7D killer...

Quote:7Fps, 19 AF-points, digic 5,...

a 7D killer...
The 7D mk II will go to 10fps and a different AF system.. and will be better weather sealed than the 70D. 
To prism or not to prism that is the question - any idea on the finder?  D5200 or D7100 competitor?

Quote:To prism or not to prism that is the question - any idea on the finder?  D5200 or D7100 competitor?
Like the 60D (50D, 40D, 30D, 20D, 10D) a penta prism. The XXXD an XXXXD series have penta mirrors.
Is this new dual-phase pixel thingy accurate (or more accurate than conventional phase detection?). I kind of keep thinking you need a hybrid contrast/phase to get the additional accuracy of contrast focus but retian the tracking ability of phase.... then again I probalby have no clue what i'm saying or talking about or whatever.

....and i know much much less than you2, and am clueless about keeping to a thread.....but the 7D2 should make those 40mps available as separate little things for lo-iso shots and then pair them for those dark places - no?

My initial reaction was the same, soLong. Why waste so many pixels?

Well, I just read on the Canon site that each pixel consists of two diodes, which are read out seperately for AF, but combined for the image. So, there you have it, all "40 mps" fully available Wink

Smart approach, IMO. Will be interesting to see how it performs in real life. That's certainly a nice attempt to increase tracking performance in Live View mode. An at the same time cover a lot more of the image with AF sensors.

If this works reliably, the logical next step would be SLT...

-- Markus

Which is rumored for Sony (alpha).


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