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Samyang tilt and shift lens is out in two- three weeks!
The new Samyang T-S 24mm f/3.5 ED AS UMC is due to be released in Europe in two to three weeks  for a price of a little less than 1,000 euros, it's been announced in Nikon and Canon bayonet mount to start with and let's hope that Sony and Pentax will follow, MFT?  It's construction certainly looks top notch, and will surely be a winner.  The Samyang 10mm wide angle has been delayed due to an optical change in formula and should see the light of day at the years end.

I sold my Canon TS-E24 (mk1) around the time I heard of this lens. I found the Canon too soft for my tastes, so I am hoping the Samyang is comparable to their other lenses and has decent sharpness too. I only hope it doesn't also have the excessive distortion of the 14mm though.

Having said all that, if it does come at 1000 euro street, it is higher than I was expecting. It's not much of a step to get the Canon mk2 from there.
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....want 17mmmm

sample images look good

Yes, just a little softening of the edges fully open at F3.5 (fully open) seems like optimum sharpness at F5.6-11, a little bit of CAs,nothing severe.Now we'll have to wait for the reviews, eh Klaus.


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