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Pentax K5IIs
Hi guys,

Things are a bit quiet on the forum recently so I thought I'd just comment on recent Pentax activity. The K5IIs seems to have made quite a few waves as people have studied the sharpness of the results from this camera, moiré has been only a slight issue,although it seems that for fashion photography the weave in clothing might produce an on-going problem. It looks to me like we are going to see many new camera's sensors baring their breasts to the world. It would be interesting to see how this impacts on the resolution of tested lenses.

The K01 much criticized for it's box like looks and lack of viewfinder started life with very poor sales and looked for all the world like a complete flop,however, it was it's $800 dollar price tag which killed it's sales!now at $319, apparently it's selling like hot cakes and may well make Pentax reconsider it's stance towards the mirror-less market.

In Japan,after the radical price cuts from Pentax across the board of their range of cameras, the Q10 actually made it to the number one sales spot in Japan, Ricoh must have been mightily relieved as their first year with Pentax started very poorly with only the already established K5 selling anything at all. Now that Hoya's designs have filtered out of the system we will see what Ricoh will bring to the table.

One thing that Pentax has learned is that price-point is all important,now let's hope that they apply this to their lens pricing policy,which of late has been insulting to say the least. Pentax has to now, build on it's reputation,it's not sufficient to count on the glory-days of the eighties.

Dav's clichés
Well, cheap bodies and insanely priced lenses is not limited to Pentax.

That's a wide-spread strategy. The body is only the teaser thing.

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