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Extra super cheap lens....Meike 28mm F2.8
  This lens looks a super sweet little darling....the Meike 28mm F2.8 MF pancake lens.......


......and it's as flat as.....


   .......the bottom line is it's a mega bargain !!



         Here Ephotozine does a nice evaluation of this twee little optic!

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Hi Dave!


I could see the appeal it could have, especially for people who like really small lenses.  It would turn a MFT MILC into a pocket camera. 


The thing is...there are two sort of pancake like normal zooms in the native format!  This really blows my mind!

<p class="">at 0.9 inches<b>: Olympus 14-42mm EZ (for Electronic (only) zoom).</b>

<p class=""><b>~0.94 inches: </b><b>Panasonic LUMIX 12-32mm MEGA O.I.S. </b>

<p class=""> 

<p class=""><b>I apologize for inches, and not mm, and the little font change.  I just happened to be trying to decide what would make the best low priced MILC pocket camera, and so, being a DSLR user, I had no idea that there were lenses that cover the entire "normal zoom range" with a less than an inch length form factor!</b>

<p class=""> 

<p class=""><b>Also, these are lowly kit lenses, and are not true pancakes, they are collapsible, they are not primes, not constant aperture, and as fast. </b>

<p class=""> 

<p class=""><b>...But I consider this to be kind of big news.  MILC's are beginning to actually be tiny and sensible.  In fact I've gotten to the point where I wish I owned one.</b>

<p class=""> 

<p class="">Your 28/2.8 fits right in.  You need a normal zoom.  You need a normal prime.  They should, IMHO, not be the size of all outdoors.  I really am starting to want a MFT camera!  The only downside, is they are so small, I'd probably loose one!
It would complement the EF-M 22mm f2 STM on my EOS M quite nicely, making FF equivalents of 35mm f3.2 and 45mm f4.5.

Hi Arthur,

         It is tested on the M4/3rds Panasonic so we are getting a "sweet spot" sort of result.


  It's the sort of lens that inspires, as you say, to a teeny weeny M4/3rds S/H body!

Dave's clichés

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