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Interesting vintage lens ...
A Pentax 18mm f/11 Fish-Eye


Yes, it's bad but still - I like the concept.


They also made a 17mm f/4 Fish-Eye - much bigger (well, twice as big maybe) and better.

  That was in the days where fisheye lenses were all the latest craze, I remember we adapted those "door viewers" putting them on metal discs and attaching them to an old filter............


          .........of course the deal was to get so close to your friends and make their "hooters" as huge and long as possible.....


       great fun it was too!.......

Dave's clichés
I still don't get why we don't see something like a high quality 15mm f/8 full format lens (rectilinear). Unlike that crappy kickstarter thingy, it would make sense to have it fix-focus & fixed-aperture. Sure, this would be a scope-limited lens but it would be awesome for light-weight travel and landscape photography. The Voigtlander 20mm f/3.5 was already a shot in the right direction there.


I guess I should test the new E-mount Voigtlanders soon.

  What they are proposing there looks a nonsense to me!

Dave's clichés
A friend of mine bought voigtlander 20mmf3.5 I thought it was a bad purchase and waste of money, however once I tried it on 5D Mk III and 750D I found a very compact lens with very decent performance. Colors and contrast are great, even the borders have plenty of details.
Panasonic & Samsung had (nigh-)pancake Fisheye primes and they had some more manageable max. apertures.


Actually, I would like to get one someday. The wife clamors for a Canon 8-15/4L lens however... she sure knows what to ask for.....................  B)


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