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The Sigma 135mm f/1.8 ART ...
... just arrived in da lab

Yummy.  :wub:


Never thought I'd fancy a boring 135 mm lens but this one is a reason to keep the DSLR.

First impression after having looked at some files ... holy moly ... ;-)

Yes. It doesn't matter wether you go wide open or close aperture two steps. And the bokeh is luxurious.

I am leaning towards 5* (on the 5Ds R).

Shall I put something in to lean towards? You will not read any disagreement from my side. I found that lens the sharpest on the table of a lately visited Sigma test event. Have I already posted some results? I think I did. Never saw such clean files from a lens that wide open (okay, once, from an Otus). I tried to provoke a bit CA, no "luck".

Do you think the lens is any good or is it a piece of art ? 


Also I thought you didn't provide ratings on the 5Ds R ?

Well, if the chart goes through the roof there are no alternatives left but to rate it ...

Aaah, so you were waiting for a chart cracking lens to have a reference? Just kidding  :lol: I hope you want to add a couple of wide open shots to your samples.

I'm not 100% sold on the bokeh.


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