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Another disappointment with Sony:software
Canon cameras come with a nice comprehensive software bundle:EOS utility for camera controle and downloading photos and zoombrowzer/image browser than can also download photos, they are also able to rename downloaded photos which is very practical, the software knows which photos already on the card have been downloaded which ones are new and I usually select to download new ones only which is very handy.

In zoombrowser and DPP you can view AF points, rate and tag photos, DPP itself is a handy and very capable RAW converter it's my prefered for editing RAW photos with a few exceptions where I use ACR or DXO, none of that with Sony, really disappointed or am I missing something?
Pay 50€ and get yourself a Capture One Pro For Sony.

I'm surprised that there's someone (Toni!) using software that is supplied by the manufacturer.


Most of the CDs in my camera boxes are still sealed.  Big Grin

DPP is a great RAW converter.
Well canon software is very practical, and as BC said DPP is great.

I downloaded a trial version of capture one then uninstalled it after three days, the catalogues idea doesn't work for me, neither did I like it's interface.

And no I am not going Sony, Canon is still by far a better system for me.
Quote:DPP is a great RAW converter.

Yes, and a Lada is a great car.  :lol:

A classic example of vendor lock-in.

If one sticks to a camera manufacturer's converter, then they a screwed if they switch systems or use other brands.

Much better to have choices and the same workflow regardless of the brand.


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Quote:Yes, and a Lada is a great car.  :lol:
Lada is a brand, not one car. And no Lada is particularly good at anything.

DPP, however, is a good RAW converter. It produces nice colours (interprets Canon files nicer than most LR profiles, for instance) and does very good things with Canon lens profiles and deconvolution.
      Bizarrely in England you couldn't give away Ladas for love nor money.......old or new..



   .......then all of a sudden the Russians realized that England had a glut of them.............


   ........and bought "the lot" back for good money..............all the bloody lot!


   Although what that has to do with Sony's software and the price of bread I don't know?..




   Actually, I had a Yugo......I bought it to get all my stuff down to the south of France............I paid £10 for it..


   ......finally it died and I pushed it into a french car park........I gave it sideways glances for three months...telling myself I'd take to the scrapyard.......


   ..........then they redid the car park road markings stood all alone for another couple of weeks......with four flat tyres...while they did the markings around it


  ....then as if by magic ........           disappeared!


     It's probably now a taxi buzzing around Belgrade  Wink


     Not that my story has anything to do with Sony's software either..


    Isn't it funny how we digress on this forum?

Dave's clichés


     It's probably now a taxi buzzing around Belgrade  Wink

Belgrade uses modern cars as taxis. Actually Yugo are mostly gone in the Balkans while Golf Mk1 lives on.

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