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Has anyone bought the 270EX II?
This flash interests me and I think about buying it. B&H and Adorama both say: "New Item - No arrival date known". While there are some available for purchase in E-bay and Amazon, I must confess I am not sure that these retailers know the actual difference between the original and the Mk II. The fact that the pictures in these sites are all frontal (where the original and the Mk II are identical) also worries me. I thus wonder if anyone has actually bought one, and from where.

Also, if you have done so (which proves it's actually on sale), do you have any idea why B&H and Adorama don't have it in stock? The thing is, I'd rather buy from them.
I checked my favorite supplier and they are both in stock and for sale;


This supplier is very reliable and quick and if you pay by credit card they ship the ame day.

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