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Lens strategy!!
I am at a point where I have no more DX only lenses, but I still have a DX body, the D300s. I am buying a D700 and my question is; would you buy FF lenses only or would you still keep for instance a 16-50 and a 50-135 for the DX body and primes for the FX? To me the transstandards are a compromise anyways and then why not make them as light and easy as possible to handle? A 50-135 weighs less than a kilo and is shorter than the 70-200 that weighs a full 500 grams more.

My intention is to buy the Tokina 16-28 f2.8 and some primes (50MM F1.4, 100MM macro and a 300MM F4) for the FX, together with the 24-70, the 50mm f2.8 macro and the 70-300 VC Tamron.

I do travel reportage, architechture, some sports, some animals, more and more studio and portraits and of course the usual family and friends stuff. I am not a pro and I am not young <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/sad.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='Tongue' />

Please give me your best thoughts and ideas for a strategy that makes sense! Kindly Vieux Loup
When you upgrade to FX from DX, the first think that welcomes you is the drop of IQ on the edges/corners, especially when it comes to wide angles. The lovely high quality DX lenses can become "do I know you?" lenses. For example I tried to use my Tokina 11-16mm on my D700 (@16mm of course) but the vignetting was unavoidable (the center resolution was still very good though). Also my FX compatible Nikon 24-85mm f/2.8-4D was awesome on my D90 but on the D700 the corner IQ is not that much satisfying (especially after I've tried the Nikon 24-70mm f/2.8).

OTOH, some primes which you pay around 200$ (like the 50mm 1.8D) may perform surprisingly well, maybe because of the way I'm using it (close up portraits @f/2.2 - f/4). The 105mm micro VR is still fantastic, and the 70-300VR is also satisfying between 70-200mm range (especially when I think of the weight of the 70-200mm VR lens).

So, D700 is heavy, you cannot escape from that. But when I think of the change in IQ, I think you will have more motivation for carrying good glasses <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/smile.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='Tongue' />: 24-70mm f/2.8, 70-300mm (Tamron or Nikon), 50mm 1.4D / 1.8D, 105mm micro VR... Oh, and if you get the new Tokina 16-28mm, please let me know how it performs on D700 (see 1st paragraph)...


What does the D300 bring you? It is almost the same weight as the D700, so it is not a weight advantage. Not sure what is your aim...

What APS-C brings you is more tele reach for images.

You already have the Tamron 70-300 f4-5.6, so on APS-C: what does a Tokina 50-135 bring you, really? Not anything the Tamron 70-300 and Nikon 70-200 already bring. If it is weight, the Tamron is the tool to use, if it is f2.8 the Nikon is it. So, why the Tokina? Tele reach is the APS-C advantage, and the Tamron gives you that.

Then the Nikon 300mm f4. Why that lens? You already have a Tamron 70-300 VR, which gives the 300mm f4 a run for its money and sharpness. Is the step of f5.6 to f4 at that focal length really something you should concern yourself with? And you have that 70-200mm VR then too... Adding a 1.4x TC from Nikon or Kenko also get you about 300mm f4.

Seems to me (but, I can be wrong, hence I am asking what it will bring you) that you are making redundant choices.

I think the following makes more sense:

Get a light good standard travel lens for the D300s. Like the SIgma 17-50mm f2.8 EX DC OS HSM (lovely lens). That makes it a lighter, bit more compact kit, combined with the Tamron 70-300mm a great combination to travel lighter with than the D700 24-70 f2.8 + 70-200mm f2.8.

Then combine it with 2 light primes, that may or may not also serve well on full frame:

A 30-35mm one, for standard view and more compact and light than the 17-50mm f2.8, like the APS-C lenses Sigma 30mm f1.4 EX DC HSM, Nikon 35mm f1,8 DX, or the FF lens Nikon 35mm f2. And then a Nikon 85mm f1.8, for long portrait lens on APS-C and moderate portrait lens on full frame. It is a lovely lens to have.
[size="3"]Two years ago I have more than less the same study around lenses. I upgraded from d200, S10-20, N17-55, N70-200VR and N18-200 (walking lens) to d700, S12-24, N24-70, N70-200VR1 (stay the same), S120-400 and walking lens N28-200G. I haven’t primes, because they are expensive (24/1.4, 35/1.4, 85/1.4G) and because 24-70 is for me very useful lens. For climbing/mountaineering I use N28-200G which is light, but with average features. [/size]

[size="3"]After two years question is: if I’m satisfied? Yes with low light features of d700, yes with N24-70 and N70-200VR1. I can’t say anything bad about S10-20 and N28-200G. It’s possible to take pictures, but you need a lot of light and sharpness is not similar to the ‘two of holy trinity’. Sometimes I took, also to the backcountry skiing, wide S10-20 and middle N24-70. They are heavy, but it is possible to skiing (you carry less water). [/size]

[size="3"]For extreme situation, when small and light equipment is needed, I’m looking toward Sony NEX3/16mm, Fuji x100 or possible new Evil (waiting digital incarnation of film LeicaM/Minolta CLE). [/size]

[size="3"]I wish you clear eye and not empty battery Janez[/size]
[quote name='Vieux loup' timestamp='1296724483' post='5823']

To me the transstandards are a compromise anyways


Just like what BrightColours said, I don't see you getting real benefits by having the D300.

One thing that you can't calculate for when changing formats is the change in experience and how that affects your picture taking.

Thank you all 3 for your help. Quite useful and I probably will not keep the D300s. I have sold all the DX lenses, including the 10-20, so I am now all FX. I am looking at the 16-28 F2.8 Tokina to have a WA. I think I will buy some more primes before a 70-200, already having the 70-300, most likely the N50 F1.4 and maybe the Tokina 100mm and 80-400. Most likely I will also get an "always in the pocket" camera, like the LX5 or the G12. We shall see, but I will first have to get used to the D700. Kindly Vieux Loup

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