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Which is the best sub 50$ Nikon/Canon adapter?
I need to get such an adapter. Due to Israeli tax issues it needs to be below 50$ (total price, including shipping). I want it to have good BQ, from a respectable seller and have AF confirm (G is not needed). Which adapter will you recommend me to buy? There are several at E-Bay but I don't know anything about them. I hope you will.

The register distance of Nikon is larger than that of EF, so building an adpater

that maintains infinity-focus without an additional optical element is no problem.

I haven't bought an Nik2EF-Adapter, but an Adaptall-2 to EF Adapter from a

chinese seller in ebay ... they sent via registered mail, but posting can take up to

3 weeks. Nevertheless, they deliver quite reliably. (It's the second item I bought there).

Regarding AF-confirm ... I don't know if its really worth it ... I do get good results

with an adapter without chip and an EE-S focussing screen in a 5D ... nevertheless,

the seller I bought from, has also an adapter with AF-confirm chip on it, and that is

still well under 30euros (including shipping).

The seller goes under the name "jeanz-sh" in ebay.

Regarding build quality ... I can't speak for the Nikon2EF that you need, but the one

I bought is well crafted (I mean you really don't expect much more than being machined

exact) and fits to lens and camera just right.

just my 2 cts ... Rainer
I have a 7D. There are no focusing screens for it.

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