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D7000 and 3rd party lenses
In [url=""]this[/url] thead, I stated:

[quote name='mst' timestamp='1289650374' post='4146']

No issues here, works as expected both in normal AF mode (phase detect) as well as in contrast AF (Live view) on the D7000.


Well, I'm afraid it was a little early to say so.

There have been reports floating around about AF issues in LV mode with Sigma lenses, which I can confirm now.

None of the Sigma HSM lenses I tried (150 HSM, 180 HSM, 50 HSM) offers AF in LV mode. No such issues with Tamron (including those with built-in motors, like 17-50VC) and Tokina (screw-driven) lenses.

In addition, at least my D7000 occasionally has no AF at all after changing lenses. This seems to be a purely mechanical issue, though, since an extra portion of mechanical twist on the lens fixes the problem. You can clearly hear the lens lock in place (or maybe it's just the pin in the F-mount), indicating that it hasn't been mounted and locked completely before.

However, so far this has only happened with 3rd party lenses. And it may be an issue of my camera only, not one of the D7000 in general.

-- Markus

Thanks for the heads-up!
I've got similar problems. Neither my Tamron 17-50, my Sigma 50-150 nor my Sigma 10-20 won't AF in live view / movie mode. I've written Sigma and Tamron about it, but they said they don't know about the problem yet and I should send it in. But I fear that when they don't know about the problem, they don't have a solution and I'm waiting weeks to get them back. The Nikon 35mm resp. 50mm f/1.8 work fine.
[quote name='Дон Андре' timestamp='1290554288' post='4373']

Neither my Tamron 17-50


Which version is it? The 17-50 VC is working here.

-- Markus

It's the 17-50 A16N2 (the one with built-in focus motor)

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