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What is the longest HD video you ever shot with a 7D?
I'm talking about one continuous shot, not several clips which are joined together.

There is a remark in the user manual, that video recording stops automatically, when

... the video time reaches 29:59

... the filesize reaches 4GB

expecially the latter of the two might apply here:

4GB is about 12minutes in the HD modes and 24minutes in 640x480 mode.

PS: I don't own a 7D, so this was purely derived from the manual.

... Rainer
I looked at it as well. It's true only for SD. For HD it's 12m. I wondered about actual experience.
I think the longest single take I've ever recorded was about 5 minutes. It was a static shot during an interview. For most promo/PR type shorts, the takes tend to be quite short (less than 1 minute), and people are crazy about having loads of cuts these days so long takes are rarely required.

As long as you avoid jump cuts and so on, you can usually find an elegant solution for the 12 minute limit in HD for people shots. With certain subjects it can be a bit problematic though.

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