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Lots of new Sigma lenses (9) for Sony FE


Sony a6300, Sony a6000, Sony NEX-6, Sony E 10-18mm F4 OSS, Sony Zeiss Vario-Tessar T* E 16-70mm F4 ZA OSS, Sony FE 70-200mm F4 G OSS, Sigma 150-600mm Æ’/5-6.3 DG OS HSM Contemporary, Samyang 12mm Æ’/2, Sigma 30mm F2.8 DN | A, Meyer Gorlitz Trioplan 100mm Æ’/2.8, Samyang 8mm Æ’/3.5 fish-eye II | Zenit Helios 44-2 58mm Æ’/2 
Plus some legacy Nikkor lenses.
I also take photos! so I'm interested too. I also take a lot of photos with my phone and I like these tips. How to shoot the night in Photoshop /
I'm still waiting. Yesterday I went to a photo dealer where a Sony rep presented the new α7III (and the α9, too). Much smaller bodies than Nikon FF - and one battery grip for both types (contrary to Nikon and their "new grips for each body, but none with a real benefit"). Body can be charged by USB (therefore a powerbank is increasing the capacity, no need to buy half dozen batteries). Speaking of batteries: Nikon's strategy of using the sam EN-EL15 battery for most of their advanced DSLR is a good thing. But with D850 one has to bring more than only one spare battery - and if LiveView is involved, I nearly see the battery indicator running low.

α7III costs the same like a Fuji X-H1 but comes with a larger sensor. And is a bit smaller than the Fuji.

Adapters? No, thanks. But if I get a positive reply from Sigma's importer in terms of "lens mount conversion can also be done for Nikon to Sony", then there's a real chance that I skip waiting for a Nikon mirrorless. Because even if the Nikon version is (surprisingly) good right from the start: Knowing Nikon and their accessory strategies, I know they will create some stuff without thinking it through.

And until then I still can enjoy the Nikon experience. Thinking of it: Nikon already is depending a lot by sensor suppliers as well as LCD suppliers. Going mirrorless, they also need suppliers for EVF. Sony only has troubles with a smaller lens portfolio - else than that, nearly everything of the part can be made by themselves, to their own specs. And already knowing my Sigma lenses well enough, I'd be happy to put them in front of a Sony. I would loose less money than if I sold them and bought Sony glass instead.
The only one that would interest me is the 50-100f1.8, I don't see it in the list
And so what? You wouldn't buy it anyway if it were in the list, since you and your winning team or whatever you call it, is Canon. One more of the pointless toni-a comments. Big Grin
(03-11-2018, 01:36 PM)JJ_SO Wrote: And so what? You wouldn't buy it anyway if it were in the list, since you and your winning team or whatever you call it, is Canon. One more of the pointless toni-a comments. Big Grin

don't be so sure, I am moving to a new hospital with 30% increase in salary...

Friday I got Canon 85f1.8 and liked it a lot, however, I had to do AFMA to be able to use it at f1.8...,  and still having some missed shots, i started preferring mirrorless
This is a thread about "New Sigma lenses", toni-a. The 50-100 is not new, but available for Canon for quite a while. No need to whine around like "the only lens from Sigma I'm interested in is not in the list". You can get one for your camera if you feel like it. 

You already have 50 mm and 85/1.8, so what's the point in getting a heavy and big and APS-C only zoom in the first place? And as I'm not very interested in your answer, forgive me to ask a rhetoric question.  Tongue
Actually this thread can be marked as duplicated
Klaus already opened this discussion here few weeks ago
Klaus is one of the great thread duplicators himself  Rolleyes First the rumors, the the confirmation, then the test (okay that parts sometimes appears on a different time line...)

Never mind, miro, we're few posters here and the whole forum became pretty slow, but hammering out new threads is still our core skill.
Today I got a reply from the local Sigma import company. Prices for mount conversions.

They range from 100.- / 250.- / 400.- Swiss francs. Some of the conversions can be done at the dealer's service workshop, others will have to go to Aizu.

I think, it's great news. Okay, I don't switch systems every day, but Sony does have interesting bodies these days. I own 8 lenses from Sigma and having their mounts converted actually will save me some loss which I would have if I try to sell them second hand. Currently I'm talking about 1/3 or 1/2 of the price I paid when it was new. And even if it's only a fixed MC11 adapter:

  1. there's no MC-11 for Nikon > Sony
  2. if I buy genuine Sony lenses one day, it would be such a fuss to change lenses and and adapters
  3. One MC-11 costs 250.- francs - so most mount conversions won't be more expensive than this, plus the lenses get cleaned, tested and if necessary adjusted within the process.
To me, that makes Sigma lenses an investment, I welcome this decision away from "throw-away-and-get-something-new" mentality. I'm not free of it, but I prefer it that way.

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