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What's the worst lens you have ever used ?
I have been through many lenses some were great, some were meh, and some were really bad.
Among the worst I can name zenit 300mm f4.5, heavy, soft, color cast, flares a lot, but I guess it's to be expected, Tamron 28-200 has one of the worst build quality for a lens, it image quality was bad at best, while tokina 24-200 isn't very sharp and flares a little it's quite acceptable and I can say by far better.
Now among modern lenses, the worst one I have used and by far is Sony 16-50, it flares just like the old tamron and tokina, borders are dreadful, non usable without digital correction, however it's tiny and has 16mm so It's here, however compared to Canon 15-85 it is a loser on every single aspect except size and weight, also compared to the kit 18-55 it's also a loser on every single point except it has 16mm.
I had an old ae contax 25f2.8 which I hated; but then later I acquired a newer mm contax 25f2.8 which I loved (careful reasearch identified some optical change reported by an italian group).
I think you will find that you a popular person here toni-a!

In the meantime I'll try to think of my worst lenses........
Dave's clichés
Interesting. The thread title asks for "THE worst lens", which would be 1 item. Thread opener lists 4 lenses, each of them described in some way as bad in this or that. But a real "worst lens" I could not recognize. Then I started to ask me "what might be the purpose of this thread?"

Now, what is it that makes a lens "THE worst"? A specific characteristic? Bad experiences with the service? Disappointed expectations?

And what's the purpose or the benefit for readers?

And by the way, toni-a, threatening me with pushing a notification button: please try that with someone else, because you don't impress me with such an attempt to direct a discussion in your sense. Push as many buttons as you like, I don't care.
Right. So, Tonia, what exactly is your worst lens you ever used?
And why do you want to know from others? Just to kill time?
I just don't get it at all...........surely if the thread doesn't interest you at all......look for one elsewhere that does!
Dave's clichés
This reasoning, forgive me dave, is as old as forums are existing in the internet. I'd like to understand the purpose of such a thread and all I read is "if you don't like it, piss off / move on" or whatever. I also could say "if you don't like my reply, ignore it!" - now, why do you ask me to do something you don't do yourself? 


I asked a pretty simple question: What is the pupose of this thread? So far, "killing time" as BC assumed is very likely. Which would be a s good as all other replies, why not.
I specifically worded my reply to not include that sort of phrasing........there was no "piss offs"or any language of that sort!
Dave's clichés
The meaning was exactly the same - it's only semantics. Please face the fact, that the forum is owned by Markus and Klaus - they can block and seriously tell other members to move on. All the rest of us participants should not tell others to "go elsewhere". I know people in kindergarten acting like this, but I thought here are grown-ups.

Is it that much of a crime to expect less meaningless content? Could anyone answer a pretty simple question about the sense of this thread? For what or who is it good to know which lens is the worst I ever used? There's a series of threads like that and sorry for being fed up with them. Quickly fired aways and soon forgotten, very often by the thread opener himself. It's not even entertaining.
This specific thread was posted in 2004, back then we discussed, gave opinions, shared our bad experiences, learnt things to avoid, some lenses might have a bad aspect that can simply be a killer, or have reliability issues like AF frequent failures.
So this thread DOES have sense and it's not pointless, this forum has a moderator and he never objected such threads, to my knowledge. Is it too much to ask not to be called stupid or get humiliated ?? Just read the forum rules that are crystal clear and follow them, nothing more

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