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solutions for face detection AF
Using Sony mirrorless I am just loving face detection AF, however my Sony lenses aren't up to the job, and I don't want duplicate lenses Sony/Canon, so my options:
1) get adapter canon to Sony and use my canon lenses on Sony 28-50-85 and 100mm primes should do very well the job, however I read very mixed reviews about adapters if AF is slow and accuracy isn't there I pass
2) Sell Sony, get Canon mirrorless with EFM to EF adapter, M50 with eye AF seems just fine.
3) get EVF to my 7Dmkii which seems the best idea, using HDMI output I found nothing but big monitors that aren't very practical a classic viewfinder would be better, any such solution ?
in my shoes which way would you go.
BTW whatever i get I am keeping 7Dmkii it's a great camera
Better yet: sell of of your Canon gear and buy a Sony A7 Mk III or a Fuji X-T2 ;-)

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(04-05-2018, 01:35 PM)thxbb12 Wrote: Better yet: sell of of your Canon gear and buy a Sony A7 Mk III or a Fuji X-T2 ;-)

I second this. Get rid of your 7Dm2 and buy a Sony A7 and some lenses. Or a Fuji but Sony has better Face/Eye Detection AF.
7Dmkii will remain my main camera, I am very happy with and with my canon lenses, it's just for shallow DOF portraits that I need this feature.
You don't have much choice. Or you can just admit you don't like your Sony at all and get rid of it and continue embracing the mediocrity of Canon Big Grin. No need to dance around the idea, just say it and get rid of it.
I have nothing against any brand, 7Dmkii is by far the best camera I have owned, like its speed, responsiveness, skin tones are nothing short of great, after 2 months using Sony a6000 I know it can't replace it, and it's obvious Sony APS-C isn't for me and since I am not ready to invest in a new system and get A99 or any A7 , those are my remaining options
That's the point, none of those are options.

1) Canon on Sony with adapter? They won't be as responsive as your 7Dm2 so you won't like it.
2) Canon mirrorless? Give them a try before jumping in. And go have a look at their lens lineup. You'll see it's actually much worse than Sony mirrorless APS-C lineup. Go ahead, take a look. Also eye-AF won't really be that good because you are still using DSLR lenses, not really optimized by that method.
3) EVF for 7Dm2? There is no such thing.
I was refering to products like that, anyone tried them ?

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