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next PZ lens test report: Sigma 85mm f/1.4 DG HSM ART
Awesome ...

Effin' revelation at 50 MP.

It also demolishes every other (tested) Canon-mount 85mm lens in the 21 MP scope. Remember how the old Sigma had noticeably weaker corners? If I had had this lens, I would've only stopped it down to get more adequate DOF. Big Grin

Thanks for the test, Klaus!


P. S. Just noted that the URL shows it to be a review #1000. Of course it doesn't seem that it's the actual one thousandth review, but still a nice coincidence. Smile

There are some gaps in the numbering so it's not really article/review #1000. But we are getting there. ;-)

Hum. About the only thing they could chagne is less vignetting at 1.4 and APO (though not sure it would still have the high resolution it has). So this begs the question while 85 are common and there are many good ones can you actually have a 5* 85f1.4? -


still I rather have this then (for example) the 300f4 pro (olympus) because they managed the high resolution without screwing up the bokeh Smile
1.8 stops of vignetting at f/1.4 is pretty decent for a full-frame lens tested on a Canon camera.  Wink



Bokeh Fringing
In a perfect world scenario, you won’t see any axial CAs thus color fringing on the Z-axis. However, just like most (all?) of the other fast 85mm lenses, the Sigma 85mm f/1.4 HSM DG Art reaches its limits here.

How about the fast 85mm APO lens in this category?  

Which fast 85mm APO ? The Otus ?



However, I've seen them already second hand...

Won't happen here. I have no interest in testing lenses that nobody can afford.

There's even one available for rent here but 368AUD for no return on investment - I don't think so.

I only can agree. Most people who need this kind of manual lenses already know, they don't get it somewhere else. A bit more or less MTF for them is less interesting than what these lenses in general make possible in terms of contrast and CA.


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