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Nikkor Z lens roadmap
That won't scare Sony too much ... no affordable tele zoom lens till at least 2022? They must be joking.

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I don't think, they aim at "affordable" lenses (which very much depends on pocket size...) first. I also don't understand some things: 50/1.8 first, then 58/0.95, then 50/1.2 ... masses of nifty fifties? As well as 85/1.8 and in the presentation (at least I thought) I saw an 80 mm? Maybe not.

But Klaus, if it's too slow for you, just go ahead and manufacture affordable zooms... Or watch out what Canon will throw on the market. Smile)

I think, affordable zooms are already around like a ton - for the FTZ adapter. I don't expect optical miracles from a Z 70-200/4 and am very happy with the choice of primes they offer right for the beginning.
And they're taking a leaf out of Sony's book by zerging the lineup with the 50(ish) mm lenses early on. Smile Though by the looks of it, the "no 50/1.4!" may become the same running gag for the Nikon Z community that the "no 35/2" has become for the Sony E crowd. Smile
A 50/1.2 is not bad...
I think that we have to be patient. It will be mirrorless evolution not revolution. Loot at the market – it is still shrinking. Development is running with slow pace. Nikon was forced to do something, and they did something quick and dirty.
- another point was the complain of 1,8 glass. Please remember that this camera must shoot stills and video. Requirements for both are against each other and 1,8 is good trade of.

The only strange thinks for me is F-mount 500/5,6

I think that after 5 years Nikon Z-mount will have nice lens range. Give then another 5 years to innovate and optimize lenses for ML - as they did it in the past with SLR vs rangefinder . SO maybe after 7...10 years the market is growing again, development is speeding up and we can buy nice mirrorless camera.
Up until them it will stay as niche for early adopters and technical savy pros.
I hope that my dreams this time comes true, because at 2002 I was thinking that after 10 years everething will be mirrorless. 2012 passed away. I was not realizing that at 2018 mFT celebrates 10years anniversary.

My question is how far will be this system after 10 years? - luckily this system belongs to many Pro's . It is guaranty for long term support. Otherwise I'll be scary of scenarios - Nikon 1 part 2 or Nikon Action cam part 2
The 58 0.95 is ridiculous. What’s the point? Most likely a 2kg $4-5000 50 with manual focus. I guess you could use it for niche video effects or for tripod portraits but it seems like a very niche lens to start with
A 58mm lens usually is not a "50". And why 2 kilos? Why "tripod" portraits?
58mm f0.95 lens would be a halo lens, just like the 50mm f1 and f0.95 lenses have been in the past. Halo lenses never are "ridiculous", they just show off what the brand is able to make at the point of time.
Why would it have to be manual focus?
I agree with Brightcolours. It's a "Prestige" lens for the system. 95% of the buyers of the system will never buy it, but it makes all of them dream about owning one.

That's also why Fuji is releasing a 33mm F1.
I like the idea of having a 50/1.2, especially since they're already releasing a good quality 50/1.8 anyway.

Most people went for the 50/1.4 instead of the f/1.8 models because the former were made to higher standards, optics were better, AF was better etc. Since then the f/1.8 lenses have gotten a lot better. Sony/Zeiss 55/1.8 is a prime example of that. This Nikon 50/1.8 will probably be another example.

Why would you go for a 50/1.4 if the 50/1.8 is already good enough? For half stop faster aperture?

That's where 50/1.2 makes sense. It's a FULL STOP faster. That might be worth it over the f/1.8 model.
Roadmap needs to start somewhere. I do like the idea of having 1,8 primes in primary focus. Not sure as well about the choices, thought. 3 50s and no lighter telezoom? Late plan for 24? Well, in some years there should be enough to choose anyway.

For Noct 50/0,95, Nikon says manual focus in press release.

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