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Fuji X-T3 specs
"Battery: NP-W126S
Number of storable pictures: approx. 390 pictures (in normal mode)"

I think, that number is rather battery capacity after CIPA?

And still the "old" X-T2 battery - but 3 of them should last 1200 shots? In "normal mode". "Boost" mode is a differents story, though Big Grin

But if they really managed to make the AF more lowlight sensitive (necessary, as all Fuji's stop the lens down to working apertures, at least in AF-C) and spread PD -AF over the full sensor instead only the square in the middle - kudos.

Will not buy one as the function buttons and dials are just the same like before.
The 3.7m dots viewfinder seems nice.
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They appear to be very good specs, but I think I'll be avoiding the X-T line until they stick an IBIS system in there. My relatively new X-T1 (got it new at clearance prices for less than $450 USD last year) will last me until I can get a good deal on a X-H1 body.
Specs always look nice on Fuji cameras. What's not in the specs is the weird, partly triple redundant concept of usage. On one side. On the other side: No user settings to save (except some kind of JPG treatment, a tiny bit more sharpness and less contrast, but more saturation of red tones - that's what Fuji dares to call "user settings", these morons Big Grin ).

For each situation loads of preparations and still - although tons of buttons and dials aboard - some functions remain in the dark corners of the outer ring of Fuji's galaxis. A quick menu which wastes lots of space for nothing and shortens film simulations by one or two letters. Difference between "NH" and "NS"? A colour LCD and white and grey quick menu.... my my. Advanced filter settings in "drive mode", formatting cards in "user settings". So far no possibility to generate a file folder, not to mention automatically when stacking or bracketing. But stacking then is rather cool done. No manual focus override in AF-C. All these things are not in the specs. And also not addressed by Fuji, partly for years.

Now, what good is these 30fps if only with electronic shutter - which has rolling shutter, but no really short times to read out?
In a nut shell what is substaintially better about the x-t3 over the x-t2 ?
(09-05-2018, 09:33 AM)you2 Wrote: In a nut shell what is substaintially better about the x-t3 over the x-t2 ?

- Autofocus, with phase detection on the whole sensor. Also more sensitive in low light (-3 EV vs -1 EV).
- More frames per second (up to 30 with some constraints).
- Better EVF with no blackouts during "Sports" mode.
- Better video capabilities.
- A BSI sensor should have better high ISO performance, but that's in theory: we don't know who built that sensor. AFAIK, Sony has never released a 26 MP sensor.

So, the improvements are mainly on the electronics side of things, while there is little to no change on the body and dials/buttons. The jury is still out on that new sensor: we simply know nothing about it.
I can just repeat:

"Now, what good are these 30fps if only with electronic shutter - which has rolling shutter, but no really short times to read out?"

In the beginning I had some unrelaistic hopes for electronic shutter with shutter "speed"s of 1/32.000, faster than most flashes, but it's only an "equivalent" of a real shutter speed. A fake and simulated low energy output to avoid using an ND filter with fast lenses. Fuji still doesn't go lower than ISO 160. I see it more as an additional video mode with roughly 1.9 × crop (compared to FF). But the cool thing will be to control a bigger "field of interest" in the finder and sue a smaller "field of actual frame size" to shoots sports. I think that's a neat feature, this sport mode. And I believe some people will wonder about the capabilities of electronic shutter in fast speed shooting Smile

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