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What's so special about go pro cameras ?
I always see enthusiasts for go pro cameras however comparing their specs with tough compacts like olympus TG-5 only size is on their side and the lens angle however 25mm equivalent at f2.0 is not bad compared to 17mm equivalent with f2.8 with huge distortions
Anyone into such camera types ? used to have olympus tough (tg310) now I got fuji XP90 for photos and videos of baby daughter on the beach, I see everyone raving about gopros that cost much much more, but I find absolutely no reason to consider it,  what do you think ?
Totally different usage, toni-a.

TG5 is mostly for still photography, GoPro for action video, to see what is happening all around at the same time, while not having to focus.

HTH, kind regards, Wim
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I did purchase the Theye T5 action cam.........yet to really use it.........pretty cheap at €80........stabilized 4K...WiFi remote etc.

I fail to see the value in GoPro.........they are struggling with Chinese from the above!
Well ...
- attaching it to a drone
- going diving
- attaching it to a helmet for skiing/MTB

You wouldn't really do that with anything other than an action cam
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