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Panasonic ... so SL mount it is then ...
I think that was the only viable option really. Interesting that Sigma is in the boat. Hope for JoJu regarding a SL mount Foveon camera maybe ...
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A FF foveon sensor? I only believe it when I see it. It won't have much advantages over the APS-H size, and all the disadvantages (useless beyond ISO 400) would remain - unless Panasonic come up with a couple of genius ideas... If they'd keep the 24 MP and make it Foveon X3 or X4, it would become (in Sigmas calculation formula) a 24 + 24 + 96 = 144 MP sensor. 

Anyway, seeing this companies in one boat is a real surprise to me. 

Somehow I regret not to go to Photokina, but then... there will be thousands of people in each one of the fair halls, noise, heat, stink and the real interesting stuff is behind glass or occupied by hundreds of others.

For ordinary amateurs it's usually disappointing and a flood of various useless informations.
Yea I saw that; but that sort of mean that it doesn't matter how much it cost since the cheapest lens is over 4k. I wonder if they will produce affordable sl lenses ?
For Sigma it's tempting: Producing affordable lenses for another mirrorless system (and also highclass FF mirrorless, not only small APS-C Contemporary types). Getting direct access to specs, coordinating their products (which Leica hasn't) and continue their work with making great alternative glass fpr DSLRs, until they have reverse engineerd the R- and Z-mounts.

Panasonic is already cooperating with Leica, exchanging optics and bodies, like Leica and Minolta did before. More or less it's just branding, cosmetics and design, but I doubt a Panasonic lens will be much worse than the Leica version. Or?

I'm just afraid, there will only be a couple of buyers left for the masses of very interesting and exciting products coming up this autumns til next spring.
Some more rumored details:
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Doing all things Canon, MFT, Sony and Fuji
Hum. I missed that three new panasonic lenses 24-70; 70-200 and 50. Those will probably be less expensive than the leica.

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