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Leica M10 Announced
Leica has made an announcement and showcased their compassion to stick with their usual one step forward, two steps back approach to everything and managed to make no real innovation where they could have made.


Small steps forward:


-New 24 MP sensor (Yeah, OK)

-Slimmer body (Still too fat)

-Larger buffer (5 FPS for 30 RAW files)

-ISO dial (Which looks like the rewind button from a M2/M3)

-Auto ISO (Follow focal length too, eat that Sony A7 and pretty much every Fuji)

-Simpler, more beautiful rear interface (Not even subjective, it's simply beautiful)

-GPS (If you add the extra EVF on top of the camera)

-Has WiFi

-Larger viewfinder with greater magnification (See below)


Small steps back:


-M(Insert number here) naming scheme has returned. (This is not a M Typ 996 or something like that)

-No USB (Why?)

-No video (Good riddance)

-Not sure how that ISO button will hold is setting in a bag without turning freely (Ask any Fuji X-T user)

-Smaller battery (Which meansSmile

-210 shots battery life with live view (Haha)

-500 shots without (HAHAHAHAHAHAHA)


What they ignored:


-While they increased both the FOV and magnification of the viewfinder (to an almost film era 0.73x), frame lines are still 28mm at widest

-Again, no 25mm frame lines

-No 25mm frame lines on no Leica, ever

-Voigtlaender did it, why can't you?

-Still you get tons of framelines inside each other, even though the camera can read the focal length from the lens via 6bit code

-Who wants to see 75mm frame lines inside their 50mm frame? Seriously?!?

-No 0.85x viewfinder option

-No 0.58x viewfinder option

-No frame line deletion

-M7 and MP had those last three, seriously I should put this in Steps Back section

-You still have to remove the whole bottom of the camera to take the SD card out

-Price will be slashed by the M10P, due next year

Well, the new micro-lens of the sensor seems interesting.


Honestly I think you shouldn't expect greatness from Leica cameras. They never were during the last 50 years.

I really liked the R series, to be honest. Apart from a few annoying ergonomical quirks, R9 is pretty awesome. Even DMR had a lot of promises. S series seem to be pretty decent cameras as well.


Just not the M.


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