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Should I still recommend Canon EF (APS-C) for beginners ??
I am often asked by newbies mostly moving from phone cameras for recommendations for a system that would give them more creativity classically it was Canon APS-C:
very reliable, affordable, widely available on the used market and you can often  get excellent deals, widely used and possibility to borrow or swap gear between the club members, easily available repairs and spare parts, the lenses offering is excellent for newbies.
from lenses side, 
aside the excellent EFS 18-55 almost everyone has,  Efs 10-18 is compact, sharp, excellent colors,  myself when I need an ultrawide I use it on 7D2 or my sister's  750D when weight is an issue and I tend to keep RP plus 16-28f2.8 in the car, add Canon 50mm f1.8 STM which is an excellent  bargain and you have a kit that would cover most newbies need on the cheap with very decent results
What do you think ??
...DPReview seems to think so...

...they have the Canon EOS M200 as their "best camera for under $500" and "best camera that is easy to use"...

...I was thinking of getting it for some one who really does not want a camera per se but might take some nice photos if they had one around... takes most of the lenses you've mentioned...then there is this...
I was talking about Canon APS-C DSLR not mirrorless,
...sorry...I just focused on the APS-C part...didna think it mattered...
That tells you about how much people care about Canon EF APS-C at this point.
Canons are nice and not complicated to use. If someone prefers OVF over EVF, or lower energy consumption (longer battery life) is important, I see no reason why not to recommend certain Canon APS-C DSLRs. The Canon EOS 200/250D for their compactness, nice little DSLRs for sure. And the Canon EOS 90D is a great camera too.

It depends on who it is for, what to recommend. If you have little insight in what will suit someone, best not to advice them.

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