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Fuji XF 50mm f2 WR to be announced
According to Fujirumors, the Fuji XF 50mm f2 WR will be announced in a couple of weeks:


I wonder why 50mm instead of 56mm? Doesn't make that much sense to me (although it's still fairly close).




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Don't know, but 56 mm × 1.5  = 84 mm. I think they aimed in the beginning to the very classic portrait lens. Why only 50 mm? Don't know, maybe the front lens remains still small (46.66 mm with 56/1.2, 25 mm with 50/2). Also, the focus will be faster if the focus lens is not as heavy.


I already think of it as the solution to the luxurious problem what to do with a 56/1.2 APD in darker situations? Short answer "leave it in the bag, forget about AF-C, with that lens". Price of bokeh is AF-speed, pity. I was stupid to sell the 56/1.2 regular.

Ordered one last Saturday.


The MFD of 0.39 m catched me. I already thought about getting the 60 mm macro, but in terms of AF-speed the 50/2 might be better and definitely more weather resistant. I also like the idea of taking an X-E2 and two of those f/2 lenses in the pockets of a coat.  Smile



A few weeks ago, I bought the 23 f2 because most of the time I don't take the 23 f1.4 given its somewhat "large" size.

Instead, I usually use the 35 f1.4.

I like the 23 f2 quite a bit. Fairly compact and sharpness is fairly even throughout the frame, even at f2.


I'm looking forward to reading what you think of the 50mm f2 :-)


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Me too  ^_^


The 35/2 is a little disappointing because of distortion which the camera corrects, but only for JPGs. And because of MFD 0.35 m, where the lens becomes visibly weaker. MTF of the 23 and 50 are looking much better.


I have to get another 50ish because the 56 APD is only very great if all circumstances work for the lens - enough light first. Not exactly the reason I got a f/1.2 for. I regretted too often to have sold the "normal" 56. I thought the APD-filter might be a nice extra feature - I didn't realize it makes the lens useless for a lot of subjects I used to have the old one for before.

Well, well, well... not what I was hoping for.


AF speed? Last weekend, ISO around 3200... 6400 and only 1/125 shutter speed (so motion blurr came into play) the lense didn't convince me - inside and with AF-C, not much good ones. Outside, in "normal ISO regions" it was better. But maybe I just need to learn a bit more about the AF-C of the X-T2, which I find hunting and overly complicated to use.

What is it exactly that you're not hoping for? AF speed or IQ?


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If I find time to compare the 56/1.2 and the Fujinon 50/2 (maybe with the Sigma 50/1.4 A) this weekend, I'll post some pics. With the 56/1.2 APD I'm used to hunting in darker situations. In daylight conditions AF is fast and on the spot, as far as I can say. The APD 56 mm can only AFed with CDAF, so I was hoping the 50/2 would benefit of faster PDAF, but...


Take my words with a spoonful of salt (not only grains), because I'm also far away from being happy with AF-C on the X-T2. 18 possible settings of combinations of focus frames and speed/ignorance of obstacles tell me "the engineers leave the decisions they didn't dare to amke to the customer".


Nikon AF-C is day and night in terms of usability and reliability. At the moment. I still didn't order Pfirstinger's X-T2 book, so hopefully the problem is located behind the camera.


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