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Sony CEO: smartphone cameras will be superior to slrs by 2024
Well, every progress made for smartphones will also be available to cameras.
But the difference in quality will diminish for sure.
I'm a bit surprised that computational photography isn't more present in dedicated cameras but I reckon the expertise is simply lacking compared to Google & Apple.
Research is also a money game and Google/Apple's earnings are exceeding the revenue of the camera players.
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Must we congratulate Sony on successfully circumventing the laws of physics? Or on inventing new ways to create clickbait headlines? Big Grin
Well perhaps we can look forward to more endless vertical videos with bland mirrored side panels .......... 

 ......... don't we just love those ? ................. Smile

Apparently artificial intelligence turns out to be the real thing after all !!
Where there are research and development funds is where things will evolve , in the medical world we know this very well : nobody really cared for vaccines a few years ago, very few money invested, look now !!!
smartphones are selling very well and people keep asking for more from them and use them as main photography tools, so Sony will invest its money there, when you sell millions of mobile phone sensors and thousands of camera sensors obviously you will be more interested in mobile sensors
Sony has always invested in new products ....... nothing new there !!

..... is this the run up to an announcement that they will be leaving the IMLC market ?? ....... because if their claim is true there will be no reason for it to exist !!

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