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Nikon ....... things coming undone!! ......
.......  I mounted my TC14E III to the 600mm F4E lens and went to take a photo ...... what I was greeted with when looking through the OVF was bizarre ...... strange streaks of slanting light and AF going back and forth ...... 

   what the heck ?? 

   I took the TC off the lens to find the front group of the TC in it's metal threaded mount had fallen into the rear of the 600mm F4E, luckily it couldn't quite fall inside and remained sitting tilted, blocking most of the light. 
 This front group TC had obviously not been tightened correctly from new, and somehow it had managed to come undone through four/five  full turns (4mm length of thread) in the two years since it was purchased new ..... of course I was relieved it was just a simple case of threading it back on again.
  I know Nikon is renowned for tripod feet coming undone on expensive lenses that then fall to the ground ..... but a front group of a TC......

  Who would have thunk it ?? ........ Smile
   I never noticed any deterioration in IQ while the TC was de-threading itself the 4mm in the time it took to unscrew .... 

  Get a grip of those threads Nikon !!
That's a shocking flaw. Don't make em like they used to. Good thing it didn't damage the lens.

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