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Nikon and 3rd party lenses ...
I am not sure on whether this is funny or sad.
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Doing all things Canon, MFT, Sony and Fuji
On the other hand, their lineup is still not very full. And every "third-party" vendor has a variety of unique focal length combinations.

But yeah, those who might've (still) hoped for the Sony level of openness will probably be disappointed. That's still a magnitude better than Canon's approach, which is to block everyone out. In fact I'm not seeing any reason to go for Canon RF system for anyone who isn't prepared to just spend the big bucks at once and invest in the system lenses that exist. Mind you, their lineup is still patchy as well (no 35/1.4, no 50/1.4, etc.)
It's a mystery to me why Canon and Sony are head-to-head.

Even if you've got EF lenses, you could just use an E-mount adapter with the same AF quality.

Of course, if money doesn't matter at all ...
Chief Editor -

Doing all things Canon, MFT, Sony and Fuji
Same as on Nikon actually. Yesterday I used the Z9 with the old 24-85, with great results.
Of course adapting E-mount to Z-mount would mean you have to forgo corrections, but the EF-mount lenses do not require these, and they can be adapted to just about everything.

EDIT: Actually while the lens appears sharp on the Z9, the AF accuracy is sometimes leaving "something" to be desired.

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