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next OL lens test - Canon RF 24-240mm f/4-6.3 USM ISq
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Oh and I have a suggestion for the page formatting - on the Canon full frame lens reviews page, maybe move the first batch of RF reviews (on the 30MP R) to the left column, where they would fit better with the R5 reviews rather than with the EF (5DSR based) reviews?
Seems ok for a ~cheap consumer super zoom; but only if they lower the price to below $500.
To be fair, it's a much better performance than seen from any "cheap consumer super zoom" ever tested on PZ. For one thing, the resolution never seems to drop below "good" anywhere on the 45MP sensor, or below "very good" on 30MP, which is a fair feat for any zoom lens, let alone a 10x zoom one. It also blows the 28-300L out of the water especially at the longer range. I guess the old 35-350 can't hold a candle to it either (never tested on FF here but even the ancient test on 8MP APS-C should give enough of an indication...)

Wonder how the other SZ lenses compare? (Sony, Nikon, Tamron; oddly enough Sigma doesn't have one, maybe in an attempt to break with the past completely)

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