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Is Canon making kiss and make up overtures with Sigma ???
Overtures have reportedly been made between Canon and Sigma with a view to a possible new relationship between the two ....   rumours not yet being fully founded, appeared on utube and are yet to be officially confirmed by the two parties.

  The chaperoned couple were seen together eating in a dimly lit Japanese restaurant apparently nodding and grinning affectionately at one another a twinkle in their eye ..... an undercover reporter sitting unobtrusively several tables away stated that they were talking in low hushed tones so he was unable to follow their conversation, but stated that the atmosphere was clearly more than just cordial.  
 So is this a rekindling of the old flame that existed between them for so many years before the (almost) demise of the DSLR ?? 

  I guess they have broken rule of never mixing business with pleasure .... but love has no rules !!

   let us see what transpires .......
I'll believe it when I see it. But anyway, I'm already one foot in the Nikon camp. Smile
I also have canon.

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