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Panasonic GX9 coming ...

This might be the perfect MFT camera provided the following:
  • 20MP
  • High resolution 4:3 EVF (similar to GX8) not the crappy 16:9 one from GX7/GX80
  • Good IBIS implementation (from the G9, it looks like Pany is now on-par or close-enough with Oly)
  • Weather sealed
  • Bonus: descent auto ISO implementation ala Nikon/Pentax/Sony (not holding my breath on this one)
If the camera fulfills these few points, I might consider getting one :-)


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Seems to be a bit smaller too, 124mm x 72.1mm x 46.8mm (GX9) vs 133mm x 78mm x 63 mm (GX8).


Very nice!!

In camera terms that actually is quite a lot smaller.

Indeed, very nice. Assuming they have addressed mediocre viewfinder and added new 20 mp sensor, great upgrade.

Roughly same body as GX80. I am pleasently surprised by it’s handling. Slow viewfinder refresh rate (it’s size and sequential technology is just fine for camera this size, at least for me) is it’s major drawback, especially since the camera does well with AFC.

It has also added small little things that were missing on GX80, like AF mode switch dial. Sweet.
Quite nice indeed. No front dial though.


So the GX9 is the high end successor of the GM5 ... they heard me after all. ;-)

Quote:Quite nice indeed. No front dial though.


So the GX9 is the high end successor of the GM5 ... they heard me after all. ;-)

I hadn't noticed the lack of a front dial.

That seems to be a silly omission... which sucks quite a bit. It's like Panasonic cannot get it 100% right somehow.

Why not have a dual dial system like on the GX80? There is plenty of space for it and it's much more ergonomic than the clickable back wheel of the GM5.

Perhaps the model shown on the rumor site is not 100% accurate.

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There is front dial, same place as on GX80. Around shutter button.
Quote:There is front dial, same place as on GX80. Around shutter button.

Right, I had overlooked it.

It indeed seemed to be an odd omission.

Great stuff, we just have to wait to find out about the final specs :-)


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If you like to shoot in true manual mode (and not some auto-iso version) as I like to do, make sure to check out the current Panasonic style of manual exposure level display in real life. Hey, there is was still room for creative innovation in the visual display of that simple value of deviation from what the exposure meter reads to render the measured part of the image to average grey. 

What Panasonic did: Instead of a continuous scale from minus to plus 5 or 3 or 2 exposure values, some of us may have grown accustomed to since LCDs went into the viewfinder over three decades ago [1], they have divided the scale into three parts:

-3  .  .  0

+/- OK

0  .  .  +3

The actual value of the exposure level is displayed as bars representing one third exposure value: 

0  .  .  +3



-3  .  .  0


So if I was spot metering and moved the camera around to check the exposure values in the scene, the scale and indicator bars  flipped from left to right and back again only to be interrupted by that unspeakable "+/- OK" text. I found that most disturbing, since I constantly had to reassure wether the bars were left or right from zero.

That kind of display feature came (I think) with the GX80/85, but it is also in the G9. So I have not much hope in the GX9 to return to a traditional manual mode viewfinder display. Which is sad since it's otherwise a really interesting camera.

If I were a judge in a user interface court I'd sentence the designers who came up with that abomination to handwriting three copies of Adam's 'The Negative' 8-p


[1] around page 50


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