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Canon Printer Pixma-Pro 100

does anyone know which websites to order a printer online (canon pixma pro 100)?



Where do you live ? there are plenty of online shops

But before going to pixma pro 100, while it's an excellent photo printer,  remember its running cost is very high.

This is what made me go Epson way, my L800 has integrated ink tanks. I don't buy cartridges but 70ml ink bottles that last decades I print almost on daily basis, it has been six months I have mine and I didn't need to refill any ink yet, on the downside, you have to be printing on regular basis to avoid print head clogging.


Y advice If you print occasionally yes Canon Pixma pro 100 is more than awesome, however if you print heavily on almost daily basis a printer with integrated in tanks is a by far more economical with no compromises on print  quality. 


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