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A new RAW converter
What they are promising seems good, let's see what it can really do


Frankly ... too much marketing BS in this ad.

Nothing really substantial besides the bold promise 

to be better, faster, more optimised, more non-destructive,and so on ...

much more gooderer ... so to say ... 

or may be even betterer.


Lets wait until they get it on the market.

Besides the fact they want to be payed annually

we will likely find out, that they too cook

with boiling water (as we say).


Just my 2cts ... Rainer

Installed a trial of their actual editing sotware: not impressed, let's wait and see what they will be up into, howevere my expectations are quite low after the intitial trial.

Although its speed and ease of processing if confirmed is interesting for some type of work , in local  photography kiosks for instance people want their pictures quick and often ask for minor editing, this software would do the job easily and rapidly without the need of photoshop


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