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Zeiss deal for Fuji and Sony at B&H (Touit 12mm & 32mm) for 919$!





That's almost like buy one, get one free. Which makes you wonder about the margins in this business ...

I guess that means they were selling way less than they hoped for?


Nice deal for Sony CFKAN (Camera Formerly Known As Nex Wink ) owners. I wouldn't mind that 32mm on my silly little EOS M.


    Within the industry I thought that margins were being squeezed more than ever, if annual profits are anything to go by, sounds more like a loss leader deal to me.  Whatever it sounds a very tempting deal for two decent lenses!

Dave's clichés
It depends how you calculate margins. Gotta think that R&D and marketing likely cost more than actual cost of manufacture. So the margins on production cost are likely very high - so a marketing program can probably tell them that it makes sense from time to time to offer a deal like this.


What I'm told by someone who used to work for Canon is that while it costs more to make a fabulous L  lens than a consumer lens, it doesn't cost that much more (10 - 20% at most - worthwhile savings for the company) but the high cost is just the result of a calculation that selling an L lens for a third of what they charge, even though it would still make a  profit  on production and marketing (and maybe even design) if they sold enough, wouldn't increase the sales enough to make it a better idea than charging three times as much and selling a bit less.
Are you tempted to get one for your Fuji, Klaus?

Why ? I have both in Fuji mount ... :-)


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