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New Canon EF 16-35mm f2.8 L USM III
The old (II):

[Image: lens-construction.png]

The new (III):

[Image: lens-construction.png]

Light green is aspherical lenses, dark green is UD glass.


What does the total redesign bring? Apparently a lot.

MTF of the old (II):

[Image: mtf.png]

MTF of the new (III):

[Image: mtf.png]






Sample pictures? Here we go:


Impressive although no full size or at least bigger images are available.

So about as good as the f/4 L IS according to Canon.

I am thinking about those who upgraded to 16-35 II and now they find themselves with an outdated lens.

Couldn't canon engineers get this formula from the beginning?

I know plenty of photographers who did the update and who will be updating now
The 16-35 f2.8 L USM II is from 2007, that is almost a decade ago. Lens design is constantly evolving.

So the answer to your question? "No".

The design does not look radically different though. It's an interesting fact that the 16-35/2.8 is the first L lens to go into the third iteration - kind of an admission by Canon that they didn't quite get the first redesign right somehow.

BTW, I'm a happy camper with the f/4 IS. I know many people feel the same. A 16-35/2.8 was the default choice, but... Not anymore. Instead, it has become a niche lens (and the situation isn't helped by the very high price of this new unit).
I wish Nikon redesign their 16-35 f4.

Quote:I wish Nikon redesign their 16-35 f4.
Haha... Ken Rockwell was gushing about it but both PZ and Lenstip found it lacking. Ironically enough it was the originator of the stabilized 16-35/4 lens class but has been since outdone by Sony and especially Canon. Unfortunately, for now it looks a little too new to be updated so it may take them a while.

#9 have full size sample photos.

"rush out and buy it", says Roger Cicala: Canon 16-35mm f/2.8L Mark III Optical Bench Tests  ^_^


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